Longer not always means better

You are breathing heavily, she (or he) is also breathing heavily. It lasted for 50 minutes already and you still aren’t able to ejaculate. Your partner starts to worry he or she is not enough sexually attractive. Doesn’t change the fact you still didn’t finish. Now you don’t even want to continue because you are just not feeling it. So, you end it and go to sleep. You are unsatisfied and through the head of your lover are now running thoughts about plastic surgery. Longer doesn’t mean better since the inability to ejaculate might be as much of a problem as an early ejaculation or weak erection. There might be a lot of influences that might lead to your problem – alcohol, drugs, weight, smoking, not enough movement.

When does the levitra come into the picture?

Sex must be enjoyable for both sides, otherwise it’s no fun, right? Levitra, containing vardenafil, is the right cure for your problem. You will enjoy sex once again and your partner will stop having doubts about their looks. It supports and maintains erection and has sex more enjoyable since blood cells will be more relaxed, leading to more blood in your erection.